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Private Investigations, fast, effective and safe. Don’t be victim of your COUPLE, son, relatives, worker or clients’ lies.

We protect your identity every time.

Do you suspect that your couple, some relative, partner or client is cheating on you?

To know the truth has become a necessity in order to recover your peace?

Who we are?

We are Private’s Secret Investigators Detectives International Agency, with 15 years of experience on Private Investigations area and in the art of spying.

We are part of the Worldwide Network of Private detectives operating in more than 17 countries. We are young women and men, career investigators passionated about finding out the truth, ready to unmask lies, cheats which overwhelm you, always keeping on the confidenciality and secrecy.


Based on the experience of our Private detectives team, in the usage of inquiry tools, we shall analyze the person’s behavior that you are doubting right now

We will COLLECT EVIDENCE which prove the truth using photos, videos, audios and documents in any of the next cases.

  • Couple’s Infidelities
  • Corporate fraud
  • Cyber Threats
  • Insurance Companies Disguise
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At Private Detectives Secret´s Investigators International we know that at this precise moment you are looking for the best “ECONOMIC” option to alleviate or clarify your doubts for a case of Infidelity, Disloyalty, Doubtful Conducts, Insurance Verifications, or any other issue, for That is why we recommend that you first inform yourself, meet your investigator, call him, question him, ask him, we are obliged to give a clear strategy to clients for any of their cases, recalls the popular saying “THE CHEAP IS VERY EXPENSIVE” , in our Institutional Videos we clarify all your doubts before hiring.